Server updating to PermissionsX

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Server updating to PermissionsX

Post by coocoo617 on Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:06 am

Starting today, R011y and I have bee taking on the challenge of transferring the server from the outdated "GroupManager" and the more recent "PermissionsX" or PEX. So, how does this affect YOU:

As a Digit/default player:
This change should not affect you much and everything should go on as usual. You will still be able to play the survival games and also Spleef.

As a Double/Tripledigit/Donator:
Similar to the default digits, this change will not affect you much. The only thing that may affect you is missing permissions for a few thing which should be fixed soon after the server first starts using PEX.

As an Mod/Admin:
This will affect you the most. You will have to learn the new commands for PermissionsX. Mainly the manuadd command:/pex user <USERNAME> group add <GROUPNAME>. Also, you may have some missing permissions however, like the donators, they will most likely be fixed within the first day the server starts using PEX

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