Report against CoolDarkraiDude

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Report against CoolDarkraiDude

Post by red42ann1234 on Wed May 08, 2013 8:34 pm

Hello, for the past few weeks, the team called the Honey Ninjas have been very irritating in the server. Causing trouble, spawn killing in hunger games, and admins have noticed it and have done something. Today they were muted for 10 minutes but CoolDarkraiDude still insists into spawn killing. The picture shows something that happened a few minutes ago at the start of arena 2. He follows me off spawn and kills me as soon as he can. He acknowledges that he is spawn killing and he has no problem with it. I ask for action to be taken to at least him, so maybe the battle against the honey ninjas and everyone else could finally end. Thank you for your time.


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