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Rustikle's Using Forcefeild and Aimbot

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Rustikle's Using Forcefeild and Aimbot Empty Rustikle's Using Forcefeild and Aimbot

Post by MnM359 Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:04 pm

Cooldarkraidude, cmaaldeibson, and I, MnM359, were playing on the survival server and skyping. We all were pvping Rustikles, Sammynoah, and some others, and Cooldarkraidude's little brother came up to dark and told all of us that Rustikles told him he was using Forcefeild and Aimbot to fight. He might have been using it only on us just because he doesn't typically like us or our faction, but he was killing us with just his sharpness 3 sword when he was facing the ocean. I lag a lot, but everyone in the call could see it too, unless it was a big lag spike. Due to the fact that kyle, dark's little brother, told us that Rust was using forcefeild and aimbot, it probably wasn't just plain old lag. If you want to comfirm that Cooldarkraidude's little brother, littlekyle50, was told that, just ask him.


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Rustikle's Using Forcefeild and Aimbot Empty Re: Rustikle's Using Forcefeild and Aimbot

Post by r011yp011y Sun Aug 04, 2013 3:29 pm

Picks or FLick or it never happened. You must have a valid reason why this player has nodus. Don't report just because he beat you in the Survival games 6 times already. YOU MUST HAVE PROOF. A screenshot works and a video is better.


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