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I Made a Sg Map!

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I Made a Sg Map! Empty I Made a Sg Map!

Post by TheBeast112233 Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:54 am


Today i Finished Making A Sg Map,I have a Download link for it,And i have some screenshots,The Screenshots are a Bit Old,But it shows almost half of it,Maybe the map isn't good enough but i'm proud of it.

Imgur = I'm a new member i can't post links HELP!

Map Sections : Spawn,Virtual Beach,Maze,Laboratory,Hallways,Upper Level,Furnaces Crafting Benchs Tons of Chest,And Includes Test Subjects.

Download : (I Don't Have a Server,And Can't Host ) I'll give it to you when you ask Because i can't post it yet,i'm a new member


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