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Helper and Chat Moderator added ranks

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Helper and Chat Moderator added ranks  Empty Helper and Chat Moderator added ranks

Post by xPROxSpecOps1 Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:48 pm

On alot of servers I have been on, I have seen many ranks of the following: Admin, owner, chat mod, helper, mod, and the donator ranks. What we don't have on the server are chat mods and helpers. Helpers explain themselves by the name: they help people with questions. Chat mod: monitors the chat for words that are spaced in between. Ex: b i t c h. they also look for people that spam and other things in chat. I want these jobs to be in here. I know that the admins and mods have the ability to help and monitor chat, but admins really don't have time to monitor chat or really help that much. I myself answer alot of questions people have to ask the admins or Pi. I am not asking that if you put these ranks in, to make me a helper or chat mod, but I would like a job very much! The application parts are up to you, whether to have people need to have donated in the past or not, and to be of a certain age, and/or have skype. Honestly this is all possible from an admin or Pi, not in my hands! Thanks for reading, Brian, triple digit

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